Transactional Bulk SMS Service

10,000 SMS Rs 2,360
  • Rate/SMS 20 Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 2,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 360 Rs
25,000 SMS Rs 3,540
  • Rate/SMS 12 Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 3,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 540 Rs
50,000 SMS Rs 4,720
  • Rate/SMS 18 Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 4,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 720 Rs
1,00,000 SMS Rs 8,260
  • Rate/SMS 0.7ps Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 7,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 1,260 Rs
2,00,000 SMS Rs 11,800
  • Rate/SMS 0.5 Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 10,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 1,800 Rs
5,00,000 SMS Rs 29,500
  • Rate/SMS 0.5 Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 25,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 4,500 Rs
10,00,000 SMS Rs 53,100
  • Rate/SMS 0.4 Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 45,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 8,100 Rs
20,00,000 SMS Rs 106,200
  • Rate/SMS 0.4 Paisa
  • SMS Package Cost 90,000 Rs
  • GST 18% 16,200 Rs

Sending text messages is always an easy yet efficient way to engage your target customers. SMS can be sent in bulk amounts to fulfill the needs of your business. Thus, the bulk SMS services have been divided into two major sects; promotional bulk SMS service and transactional bulk SMS service namely. The transactional bulk SMS service is often regarded as one of the most efficient channels to interact with your customers directly. With the help of transactional bulk SMS service, you will be able to send messages in bulk amounts to a plethora of recipients to inform them about the status of their latest transaction from your company. Whether you want to send a confirmation message for successful payment or delivery of the products that were ordered, sending transactional bulk SMS is the best way to keep your customers informed at all times.

Bulk91 offers you with best quality Transactional Bulk SMS service at a reasonable price. With this service from Bulk91, you will be able to send directed messages to your customers thereby providing you with detailed information on their transactions. The content of the SMS is specially curated to be highly informative within 160 characters so that it can easily engage your customers.

  • Transactional SMS can be sent 24/7.
  • The character limit for 1 SMS is 160 characters with spaces if the message is being sent in English. However, the limit is 70 characters for regional languages.
  • No more worries about DND numbers since transactional messages will be delivered to DND numbers within utmost guarantee.
  • Comes with unlimited validity.
  • Used for transpiring important information to your customers.
  • To activate the transactional bulk SMS account, you need to provide some necessary documents.

So, why wait any further? Avail the Transactional Bulk SMS service from Bulk91 and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Transactional Bulk SMS Service